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Arda is an annual for the furtherance and propagation of all discoveries and insights that render clearer the picture of the ancient world that J.R.R. Tolkien subcreated. Arda is bilingual: since volume III, each text in it is either in English with a summary in Swedish or other Scandinavian language, or else in a Scandinavian language with a substantial English summary (in volumes I and II always thus). Arda is published by the Arda Society with support from the Forodrim.


Arda 1983

Paperback. Bevat:

Nils-Lennart Johannesson: Solidarity and Power, Intimacy and Contempt - On the Use of thou in The Lord of the Rings

Rhona Beare: Conjectures on the origin of Quenya

Hanna Bergstrand: Firiel -The Development and Handling of a Theme

Hanna Bergstrand: "The Sea-bell" and Related Poems

Nils Ivar Agøy:  Arthedain's Society and History

Jessica Yates: Tolkien-bashing: The First 25 Years

The Year's Work in Tolkien Studies


Arda 1988

Paperback. Bevat:

Andreas Haarder: Beowulf - A Work of Art

Beregond, Anders Stenström: Beauty and Peril and Sorrow

Chris Seeman: Tolkien's Conception of Evil: An Anthropological Approach

Sébastien Ferenczi: Mordor - Empire of Evil or Decline of a Model?

Jadwiga Wegrodzka: The Hero Stereotype and Its Modifications in The Lord of the Rings

Records and notes
Nils-Lennart Johannesson: The Clerkes Compleinte Yet Again: A Note on maystryes

The Years' Work in Tolkien Studies


Åke Bertenstam: Supplement for 1987-1990 to A Tolkien Bibliography